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Sarvodaya Public School

Principal Message

“Education aims at developing an individual’s knowledge, interests, ideals, habits and powers to find his place and then shape both himself and society towards nobler ends.”

In the fast pacing transitional period of this scientific and digital tech-Era, education needs to be in accordance with all complexities of life. For building up a new generation well-equipped and committed to the process of modernization, an appropriate training as well as motivation, that arouses, sustain and promotes interest in the changes and development processes, is inevitable. Hence education should prepare agile, vigilant and dedicated future youths possessed with dynamic personality.

Keeping all these principles of education in mind, here is SPS, we strive for the enlightenment and development of an individual’s innate and natural abilities, fulfillment, control and sublimation of basic instincts, modification of behavior and inculcation of civic, social and ethical values. Gearing up with practical knowledge and molding children into accountable citizens and assets to nation, Sarvodaya Public School instills in them the creative thinking and reasoning and analytical power with global perspective suited to the present scenario and thus it caters to meet the demand of pupils to deal with the challenges posed by the current time of 21st century.