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  • Aggarwal Mandi Tatiri, Meerut Road, Bagpat-250601


To be one of the premier institutions in the field of Pharmacy providing quality education and high end research.


To achieve academic excellence in technical education through innovative teaching-learning process.

To provide strong fundamental & conceptual knowledge with essential skills to meet current and future needs.

To build strong industry-academia connect through industrial & socially relevant projects.

To produce responsible pharmacists with strong human values and professional ethics.

To provide students with a strong foundation in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology and prepare them as Pharmaceutical Scientists & Technologists.

To provide opportunities for training and placement.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOS)

To produce pharmacists with strong fundamental concepts and in depth technical knowledge in Pharmaceutical sciences.

To equip the students with concepts from various fields of pharmacy so that they can face challenges in the area of health sciences.

To facilitate them to be good pharmacists by strengthening their human values, professional ethics and communication skills and to make them work effectively as a team.

To train the students and to develop a mind frame to undertake research for developing new drugs to cure and prevent diseases for serving the society.

To encourage them to take part in lifelong learning process to be highly productive and effective pharmacists all through their lives.