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  • Aggarwal Mandi Tatiri, Meerut Road, Bagpat-250601
Director Message

Director's Message

With an objective to provide quality education, we resolved to establish a reprository of knowledge and diverse activites of human interest encompassing academics, art & culture, sports and community services that are vital to adademic, physical and mental development of the students of new age. Knowledge acquired in an inspiring environment through considerately desgined academic programmes help to augment the inherent talent of the learner and sharpen the skill set enableing them to acquire a meaningful place in society, leading to a cheerful personal and professional life.

Students from all the corners of the country as well as from overseas experience a stimulating environment that is conducive formver one to excel. The green and secure campus further adds to their creditable learning experience.

We call upon all the aspirants to avail the opportunites provided by this institute in builiding their career and to serve the society.

Sh. Tej Pal Singh