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Manager's Message

To Student's

It is a matter of pride to pen down the message for the students who are going to admit in Sarvodaya Hospital and College of Nursing. My heart fills with immense pleasure as I perceive the progress being made at Sarvodaya Hospital and College of Nursing. Since its foundation in 2019, the Sarvodaya Hospital and Institute of Medical Science has grown exponentially. Projections for the next few years suggest the expansion is set to continue. The history of our success is the growth of our medical field. The knowledge and services places an ever-growing demand in the medical field, in terms of care, research etc. The private and government opportunities for the Nursing students make us to produce the perfect and knowledgeable students, that are world class and facilitates the development of medical field. It is our endeavour to narrow the staff demand, escalate the standard of teaching, make the academic like, a smooth journey full of joy and discovery and facilitates all resources to our students to gain proper knowledge such as Hospital, Community, labs etc. Our institution is a platform for the students to express their creative pursuit which develops in them originality of thought and perception. I extend my warm wishes to the students. We look forward to make a better education and aim to excel in all our initiatives.

Mr. Devendra